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    • Virtually Versailles
      Versaillies is now in Shanghai and you don't have to fly to Paris in this impossible time. I mean - of course - virtually. Created by mo...
    • Chen YuJun Solo Exhibition
      Check out Chen Yujun's solo exhibition at the Long Museum West Bund. The Fujian-born artist has recreated a little piece of his home pro...
    • Chifan for Charity
      Please read the flyer for details on this event. Thank you!...
    • Volunteer Crochet Workshop
      Welcome to join Volunteer DIY event of Clara Non-profit DIY or share poster with whoever that might be interested!欢迎参加弃资手作公益的志愿者手作活动或转发给感兴趣的...
    • Compost Bin Workshop: Celebrate Earth Day with us!
      To celebrate Earth Day in April, we invite you to join us in our favorite workshop: The Compost Bin Workshop! ...
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    • The Ultimate Guide To Becoming An Expat Car Owner In China
        More than 21 million cars were sold in China in 2019, according to Pymnts. Convenience, as well as the rising cost of taxis and other modes of…
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