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Camping on the wild Great Wall!

Dates :
  • Apr-30th-2018
  • May-1st-2018
  • May-20th-2018
  • Jun-17th-2018
  • Jun-18th-2018
  • Jun-24th-2018
  • Jul-21st-2018
  • Jul-22nd-2018
  • Aug-18th-2018
  • Aug-19th-2018
  • Sep-23rd-2018
  • Oct-3rd-2018
  • Oct-4th-2018

Dates: April 30-May 1st (Labor holiday)

           May 19-20

           June 23-24

           July 21-22

           Aug 25-26

           Sept 22-23

           Oct 3-4 (National holiday)


Camp on the unknown to tourists part of Great Wall! We'll be having bbq and bonfire party and wake up early to see the sunrise from the Great Wall! It's an experience of a lifetime!

Wild Great Wall is an unrestored part of Great Wall, with no crowds of tourists and no public shower or toilet. You will need to carry your own bag and tent (provided) for 30-60 min until we reach the camping site.

Camping site: you can camp on the ground near the Great Wall or camp inside one of the towers on the Great Wall (only from May to September)

Day 1

6:59-12:23 Take train Shanghai Hongqiao- Beijing South 乘火车上海虹桥—北京南部
12:30 Meet at the exit of Beijing South station with our guide 在北京南站出口处会见我们的导游
13:00 Go to the local village 去当地的村庄
16:00 Climb to the Great Wall with camping gears and beers 爬到长城露营和啤酒
17:00 Watch the sunset 看日落
18:15-18:40 Set camps and collect some woods to make a fire 营地和收集一些森林火灾
18:30 Bbq and beers time! Enjoy the night! 烧烤和啤酒!享受一晚!


Day 2

6:00-6:30 Watch sunrise and climb the Great wall 看日出和爬长城
6:40-7:45 Climb down to the village and have baozi breakfast 爬下村,吃早餐

7:45-10:30 Bus goes back to central Beijing 巴士回到北京中心
10:30-12:00 Beijing duck lunch 午饭北京烤鸭

12:00-14:30 Walk around the Tiananmen Square or visit the Forbidden city 漫步天安门广场,参观紫禁城

15:00 Meet at the Tiananmen Square 在天安门广场见面
15:15-15:45 Bus to Beijing South train station 巴士到北京南火车站
16:25-22:24 Train back to Shanghai  火车回上海


Price: 999 rmb 价格


Including: private bus, camping permit, bbq on the Great Wall (vegetarian option is available upon request), baozi breakfast, Beijing duck, camping tent (2 people in a tent; for an individual tent add 80 rmb), beer and water on the Great Wall, English speaking trip leader

Not including: train tickets to Beijing, entrance tickets to the Forbidden city (60 rmb), lunch on Saturday, invoice

Book your spot on our website:

Date:2018-04-17 16:17:20
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