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“Our Time” Kim Eunjin Solo Exhibition

Dates :
Dec-16th-2017 To Jan-18th-2018

Our Time is Korean superrealism artist Kim Eunjin’s first solo exhibition in Shanghai after her solo show at Art Central in last March. The artworks from her Remaining Time series have been collected by Korean National Contemporary Museum. This exhibition features the major artworks from Remaining Time series and Portraits series.
Kim pays close attention to the ecologic issues and the impact of environmental pollution on human and animal’s life on the earth that causes diseases and death. Influenced by the Buddhism culture, Kim also highlights the connection between the living and the past life to explain the circle of life in this universe.
Despite of the heavy and serious subject, Kim’s paintings seem colourful with her unique sense of humor and the great desire of a healthy life in our time. Opposite to her serious Remaining Time series, the Portraits series bring us the joyful sentiment of living in the present day, which achieves a good balance to this exhibition. Kim’s great imagination of discovery and interpretation of life alongside her excellent drawing skills with bold and vibrant colour impress the viewers with an extraordinary visual experience in art.
Apart from the visuals, Kim’s artwork also stirs our other sensation, such as smell, tactile, auditory. It leads the viewers to feel the deep sensation through the questions about our life in our time from her canvas.

Address:Ground Floor, Building 2, 165 Lane Taiyuan Rd.
Tel: +86 21- 5452 5900

Date:2017-11-29 06:31:42
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