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“The Objects” LV Zhe Solo Exhibition

Dates :
May-18th-2019 To Jun-13th-2019

Contemporary artist LV Zhe’s new solo exhibition The Objects focuses on normal objects around us on a daily life basis. LV Zhe represents the photographic portraits of daily objects by setting them up in a specific scene through black and white colour as documentary films, enabling the viewers to discover ‘mutual dialogues’ and ‘inter-reactions’ among different objects as image narrative in his own artistic way. These objects also show their connections with human activities.
In this exhibition, LV Zhe pays a close attention to the tiny marks that are left by the transformation from human’s evolution and activities, he attempts to use art as a function of service to restore the truth and objectiveness by eliminating emotions.

Address: Ground Floor, Building 2, 165 Lane Taiyuan Rd., Shanghai, China
Contact: +86 21- 5452 5900

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Date:2019-05-10 13:45:00
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