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Weekly movie night at un Caffè Bar

Dates :
  • Jan-9th-2019
  • Jan-16th-2019
  • Jan-23rd-2019
  • Jan-30th-2019
  • Feb-6th-2019
  • Feb-13th-2019
  • Feb-20th-2019
  • Feb-27th-2019
  • Mar-6th-2019
  • Mar-13th-2019
  • Mar-20th-2019
  • Mar-27th-2019
  • Apr-3rd-2019
  • Apr-10th-2019
  • Apr-17th-2019
  • Apr-24th-2019
  • May-1st-2019
  • May-8th-2019
  • May-15th-2019
  • May-22nd-2019
  • May-29th-2019
  • Jun-5th-2019
  • Jun-12th-2019
  • Jan-1st-1970

The season for hibernation is here, we understand. But what if we brought all the comfort to the bar? Well, we already have. Couches, movies plus booze and food, oh and it's happy hour (you don't have that at home)! We love movie nights over here at un Caffè Bar. It's a great time to come together and snuggle up every Wednesday from 7pm. That’s no reason not to celebrate movies every week —particularly when they’re free and there’s specialty complimentary popcorn involved. The audiences are revelling in a relaxed atmosphere while being introduced to very different ways of experiencing cinema. Check the menu of un Caffè Bar WeChat for next months calendar. Movie night is free of charge. Movie night is free of charge and it’s a great tool to improve your Chinese or English language.

Address: un caffè bar jiangning road 77, 7th floor
Deadline to register:

Date:2019-01-04 18:18:33
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