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Water Research Centre
Japan Food Research Laboratories

1. Purpose
The effects on humans, animals, and plants of drinking water or using water containing immersed natural ceramics stones are through the following process of the stones first reaction to the water and then its changes to the properties of the water. Hence, the physical and chemical characteristics of the stone are shown to to play an important role in the reaction with the water. From this standpoint, various measurements were made here in order to find basic material characteristics of AQUA ARIA ceramics and their effects on the nature of water; and the results are reviewed as follows.

2. Results
2.1 Changes in basic properties of water are shown. In this test, no vibration was used, so the test was conducted under stationary conditions. As shown in the report, pH levels and electrical conductivity changes with time; this is more obvious in pure water than tap water. The result is thought to be due to the liquation of potassium, calcium and magnesium. Also, from the comparison with ORP of tap water with immersed AQUA ARIA’s ceramics, decomposition of chlorine and activation of carbon can be recognized.

2.2 Far-infrared radiation amount shows 70-80% at 25 Degrees Celsius but increases to 90% at 40 Degrees Celsius

2.3 Measurement results of gamma rays shows, among the presumed nuclides, 40-K ranks high and the main reason is due to the large content of potassium

2.4 ESR measurement results shows with immersed AQUA ARIA ceramics in minute powder form is seen to exhibit antimicrobial effect

3. Conclusion
When AQUA ARIA ceramics is immersed in water, mineral components like potassium (kalium), iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium liquate in varied quantities; and they are accompanied by higher levels of pH and electrical conductivity.

On the other hand, gamma rays from 40-K activates water, but ESR measurements did not reveal any activated oxygen, According to O-17-NMR measurements, water structural enhancement was observed as spectral half-width became larger when AQUA ARIA ceramics is immersed. Generally, water in living bodies, particularly those in direct contact with molecular membrane or molecular structural elements, is strongly bonded to those elements and exhibits advanced structure namely, it corresponds to a large cluster type of water among the cluster models.

With the present analyses, eleven (11) liquates were found at ppm levels, but at ppb levels tens of mineral elements are expected to be found. Effects of AQUA ARIA ceramics such as water getting milder and tasting better, improvement of color changes, smoother skin and more warmth when used in bath, milder taste of food placed on Japanese paper kneaded with powdery AQUA ARIA ceramics, effective in sterilization, are known; these are thought to be the singular or synergistic effects if liquated mineral components.

However, those alone cannot explain the extensive action and beneficial property of AQUA ARIA ceramics. Aluminium and iron have condensation effect, so water sterilization is expected. Furthermore, though specific elements responsible are known, antimicrobial effect and chlorine decomposition effect are recognized. Judging from NMR measurement results, effective action of the mineral elements together with some kind of radiation, unable to be observed with the instruments used in this study, must be radiating some kind of energy; this line of thought can explain many observed actions of AQUA ARIA ceramics.

In this study, various measurements were made and the results considered, but one conclusion of enhanced water structure leads to the possibility of an increase in osmotic pressure and other changes. Also, AQUA ARIA ceramics with degraded functionality are said to revive with solar and lunar radiation.
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Date:2015-06-30 18:29:43
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