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Alatai Drinking Water Purifier

Price :    RMB 6,800.00
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It  adopts 6 stages of filtration to remove almost all harmful elements in the tap water first, meeting US FDA’s requirements, and then remineralize the purified water through the post filer as well as adjust its taste and PH range to about 7.3 into healthy drinking water.

Feature 1. Premium Filtration Technology Reverse Osmosis- removing harmful elements from the tap water to the level that meets US FDA, NSA’s requirements to ensure the purified water clean enough, unlike other common filters comprised of just carbon filter, ultra filtration membrane filters or mixed.

Feature 2. Imported GE Reverse Osmosis membrane and inner tank of the Chamber-the two core components of the whole system with great reliability making purifier as trustworthy as it deserves.

Feature 3. Multi Stages’ Filtration- the reasonable design originated from the special water pollution situation making system easy to maintain and secure water quality.

Totally free maintenance service within ONE YEAR warranty duration.

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Date:2012-12-18 13:21:46
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