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AQUA ARIA Porcelain Cleansing Bar

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Beauty is Simple, with Four Ingredients.
Bentonite, Sekken Soji, Squalene, and Glycerin

AQUA ARIA is committed to providing the most effective skincare with minimal ingredients. A luxury niche skincare with a mission of simplifying and developing advance skin-care for the fast-paced society.

The revolutionary breakthrough in molecular skin care technology is derived from constant research and development of natural ceramic based technology by Japanese scientists from Aqua Aria’s Research Laboratory. It is found that the manipulation of matter on a molecular scale will result in higher efficiency and effectiveness of delivery to cells that it acts as a catalyst to the recovery and treatment of the skin.

AQUA ARIA's Porcelain Cleansing Bar effectively cleanses away impurities to reveal skin with renewed radiance. It also serves as an effective make up remover, proven to remove even waterproof makeup. The dual-action formula enables users to experience flawless, pure and radiant skin.

This skin-care product is made to fit the lifestyle of busy individuals by providing them the simplicity of a one-step solution to skin-care through cleansing.

- All-in-One Gentle Facial Cleansing Bar that removes make-up, cleanses, tones and repairs skin.

- Natural ceramics unique to Shinagawa (Japan), formulated without the use of parabens, synthetics, fragrance-free and is non-hypoallergenic. 100% Chemical-free.

- Helps with skin problems such as acne, eczema and minor skin irritations and gentle enough to be used on babies.

- An anti-ager that helps user achieves healthier and more luminous skin with extended use.

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Even our return policy is simple: if you don’t like it, that’s ok, we will compensate you for your troubles. If you are dissatisfied with the product AQUA ARIA is committed to replace the product within 7 days.

Just send us your proof of purchase and contact details through to us on the Contact Us page. Along with this do not forget to mention your Customer invoice number.

We will get back to you as soon as possible. We may request you to send back the product before processing a replacement.

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**Frequently Asked Questions
**Clinical Research and Results

AQUA ARIA 的瓷洁肤皂是由在日本的专利技术研发而成的独有护肤产品。

此护肤系列是为繁忙生活的都市人而设计研发的护肤品, 以提供清洁单步骤为解决方案强调皮肤护理的简单性。

来自日本品川独特的天然陶瓷,在不使用苯甲酸酯,合成材料,无香料,并且是不俱过敏性的情况下制造的 100 %无化学品。能够改善各种皮肤问题,如痤疮,湿疹和轻微的皮肤刺激。产品温和,也能给婴儿使用。


1. 皂土:是“香皂”的关键成份。采用天然陶瓷的负电荷,提供抗老化功能
2. Sekken Soji: 是日本常用的清洁成分
3. Squalene: 天然保湿因子
4. Glycerin: 保湿剂能够滋润你的皮肤


Date:2015-06-30 17:29:27
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