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Audiophile audio system/home theater for sale!

Price :    RMB 6,000.00
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I would cry but I have to sell my AWESOME audio system I bought 5 months ago, when I was sure to stay in China for 10 years more.. Unfortunately I have to leave and get rid of this jewel:

amp: YAMAHA RX-V673
speakers: KEF Q300

I paid 10500 rmb (you can check on internet), I sell for 6000 (aaarrrhgrhgrh). It comes without saying that everything is perfect and sparkling new.

I would prefer to sell this perfect match all together (cables included), but if you guys are interested in one thing I can also sell separately. Hurry up, leaving in few weeks!

If you are interested in high quality music and great music, this is a very good deal.



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Date:2016-07-09 11:58:52
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