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Bath/Shower Water Filter set

Price :    RMB 200.00
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Bath or Shower water filter system.  (Japanese brand)
Four units available.  New approx. 650 rmb.
Selling 200 rmb each unit (set of 2 filters).  You will need to replace the filters.

Double filter: charcoal and membrane.
The brown filter in the picture started as a white filter!

The company will install for you with new flex pipes.  
They will change the filters for you at no extra cost, just the cost of the filters.
They also keep track of when they install for you so they can remind you to change the filters.  Great, polite, & responsible service guys!

Repatriating otherwise we'd continue using the filter units.

Contact:  1366-1511-282


Date:2014-05-17 23:28:49
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