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Beautiful black kitten Pidan “with fox tail” is looking for his own loving home! / Non-profit sold out

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Names: Pidan
Age: Approx. 9 months old
Health: Treated for fleas and worms. Vaccinated and sterilized.
His Story: Pidan and his sister Chigae were rescued in a compound located in Huangpu district on June 28, 2019 when a group of friends were looking for a lost cat. The 2 newborn kittens were found near the trash collection area, so most probably they were separated from their mother after birth and left outside to die. Both kittens were taken immediately to Babala Vet Hospital, where they received the bottle feeding necessary to give them a chance of survival. Luckily both babies survived and Chigae has already been adopted by a loving family, so now is Pidan who needs his own home sweet home. Pidan is a beautiful shorthair black kitten with a fluffy “fox tail”. In terms of his personality, Pidan is a “purring machine”, playful with other cats and a total sweetheart!
If you are seriously interested in adopting Pidan please contact Alejandra (rescuer) at:
Thank you!
Please remember that, if you want to adopt an animal, you must be aware of the responsibilities:

1. Keeping pets is a commitment requiring constant attention and care. In return for their devotion, owners are ensured periods of happiness with pets. But if you are not ready for the long term commitment, please do not adopt.
2. Animals need love, regular healthy feeding, and periodic visits to the Vet.

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Date:2020-03-20 19:50:27
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