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Bloomsbusy I – Customized Resin Drawing

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White Lotus, waterweeds and goldfish come in one drawing together. Do you feel you are standing in front of the pond and breathing the fresh air 
after it’s raining?

What's Resin Drawing?
Resin Drawing is invented by Japanese artist Fukahori Ryusuke. Resin Paint looks very vivid, and because of level-painting, it has more layering which makes the paints like a swimming fish freeze-frame in a instant and being more three-dimensional.

(Nylon) Brush, acrylic paint, Crystal Epoxy IV, container, flatting agent

Painting Methods:
Mix Crystal Epoxy IV and color paint, make it well-proportioned in the container, repeat drawing and cooling work. If you would like to get the feeling of 3D, it asks to draw more layers.  Kindly remind that the painting has to be dried off by 24 hours each time.

You can order customized design pictures and image according to your requirements, even DIY is available. The working duration depends on the drawing content difficulty.

Leave your message via "Contact Me" button, for any questions and order information.

Date:2014-07-12 12:58:41
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