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Carletto Electric Scooter

Price :    RMB 4,280.00
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Carletto scooters are individually handmade by professional engineers in a state of the art factory in Pudong. All components are high quality including imported Korean (LG) lithium batteries, heavy duty (ABS) panels, four layered (anti puncture) tyres, and high quality shock absorbers.

The Carletto factory is the only officially registered foreign scooter manufacturer in Shanghai, and Carletto scooters are 100% legal. They can be issued with official Shanghai registration plates.


# stylish European design

# a super lightweight (5kg) Korean lithium battery

# heavy duty (ABS) panels

# four layered (anti puncture) tyres

# optional colour coordinated storage box

# USB port to charge your phone while you ride

# totally legal – can get Shanghai plates

The high quality shock absorbers and tailor made frames and panels give the Carletto an unbelievably smooth ride. It’s hard to stop smiling when you ride it. Plus, because it is legal you never need to worry about police checkpoints.

Date:2016-10-12 15:33:03
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