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Chinese Tea Ceremony

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Chinese Tea Ceremony Program
There is no other place in the world has this long history of tea. As the first country of discovering tea, using tea and planting tea trees, China is proud of its tea culture.

Chinese tea ceremony is the origin of all other tea ceremonies ( i.e Japanese and Korean), moreover, it’s the origin of all other kinds of tea among the whole world.

Once you step into the ‘tea’ world, you’ll realize that tea is tightly connected with many big issues happened in the world. Chinese tea is not simply a cup of tea, but represents a world-wide history book, a spirit you may spend life-time to chase, a culture lighting up your life …

Join us today for this 7-lessons program, you are going to be a tea master!!

For the class schedule and price, please check our website for further information:
or give us a call: +86 159 008 735 23(Elaine)

Date:2014-03-28 14:57:49
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