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Dermastir Eye Contour Patches - Anti-Wrinkle

Price :    RMB 144.00
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20 Anti-Wrinkle  patches

Dermastir Eye Contour Anti-Wrinkle Patches help to mask your age. Look at someone’s eyes contour to have a good idea of the age of the person. Taking care of your eye contour hydrogel daily in a correct manner makes a big difference to your look.Dermastir eye contour patches have myorelaxant properties (botox effect) and are excellent to treat wrinkles. Dermastir trans-dermal patches to compliment the Dermastir eye contour gel and cucumber ampoules is a perfect solution.


Remove the eye or lip contour patch from the protective wrapping. Apply the patch on the eye or lip contour for up 8 hours. Leave the eye or lip contour patch in position. Remove the Dermastir eye and lip contour patch.

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Date:2016-04-29 15:04:30
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