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Dermastir Eye Contour Patches - Hydrogel

Price :    RMB 144.00
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20 Hydrogel patches (10 blisters with 2 patches)


Dermastir eye contour hydrogel patches help to mask your age. Look at someone’s eyes contour to have a good idea of the age of the person. Taking care of your eye contour hydrogel daily in a correct manner makes a big difference to your look. Dermastir hydrogel patches are excellent in cases of eye bags and dark circles because the hydrogel patches decongest the eye contour area. Dermastir hydrogel patches to compliment the Dermastir eye contour hydrogel and ampoules is a perfect solution.


Dermastir eye contour hydrogel patches have a hydrogel base which is made up of algin, jojoba and aloe vera gel. Algin has the unique quality of being able to absorb large quantities of water – it can swell to approximately 25 to 35 times its original bulk and therefore drain the water out of puffy eyes. In the eye contour the algin together with 5 other active ingredients also oxygenate the eye contour and therefore eliminate dark circles around the eyes. 


Remove the eye or lip contour patch from the protective wrapping. Apply the patch when required for up to 30 minutes.
Leave the eye or lip contour patch in the eye contour position.
Remove the patch, or let the patch fall off by itself.

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Date:2016-04-29 15:03:27
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