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Double Happiness - Tibetan Exploration

Price :    RMB 3,990.00
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Explore two valleys in Sichuan Tibetan region.
One is with stunning nature together with the sacred snow mountain of the Four Maids. And the other one is along the Danba valley with the imaginary scenery and heart warming culture -- Shangri-La that is it…

Plunge into the two valleys and feel enchanted with the nature and well kept culture, time will not be relevant. Belongs to the eternal and magnificent nature. At the same time, experiences the consistency of the culture preserved throughout the time in the village, feel the clicks of the Dharma. 

The objective is to may the two valley give us strong inspiration of wisdom. Through the experience we can protect it inside and nothing is going to  disturb…. 



--:--  Arrival in Chengdu from different 
cities,check-in and free time

Day 2  “The ENTRY and RILONG”
07:30 Get up
08:30 Departure from Chengdu to Rilong
15:00 Arrival in Rilong, free time adjust to highland
19:00 Dinner and free time

Day 3 “Valley of the lake ”
07:00 Get up, exercise and breathing
08:00 Breakfast
08:45 Start the trek into the “valley of the lake”
12:30 On Road Lunch
15:00 Ariival 
camping site, pitch the tent
16:00 Stretching and free time
18:30 Dinner and free time
21:30 Sleep

Day 4 “Haizi, Haizi”
07:00 Get up, exercise and breathing
08:30 Breakfast
09:00 Sunshine, ready to pack and collect the tents.
12:30 Road lunch
15:30 Arrival Camping site, Pitch the tent
16:30 Streatching, breathing and free time
18:00 Dinner
21:30 Good sleep

Day 5 “Long hike and enter the valley of Danba”
07:30 Get up, exercise and breathing
08:30 Breakfast and collect the tents
12:00 Road Lunch
15:30 Back to Rilong, Refreshment
16:00 Departure to Danba, enter the valley 
19:30 Dinner and free time
21:30 Exercise, stretching and rest

Day 6 “Danba Valley Shangrila? ”
07:00 Get up, exercise and breathing
08:30 Breakfast and departure for a discovery tour of the village
12:30 “Kitchen invader” Lunch cooking workshop
14:00 Free time in sunshine  
19:30 Dinner   
21:30 Exercise, stretching and rest

Day 7 “Mystic castles of Danba Valley”
07:00 Get up, exercise and breathing
08:30 Breakfast 
09:00 Village explore tour of the mystic castles
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Free and solitude time
19:30 Dinner   
21:30 Exercise, stretching and rest

Day 8 “Farewell and Zashideiley!” 
04:30 Get Up
06:00 Departure to Chengdu
14:00 Arrival Chengdu, Farewell, Free Choices….

About the Transfer:  
This trip covers only the land part from Chengdu. We advice that you book your flights or trains to Chengdu as soon as possible to benefit from good deals with companies.

About meals:
The meals consist on simple hiking dishes. Mainly vegetables cooked on the camp fire and few energetic complements. (Please let us know if you have any allergy or requirements and plan to take some light snacks for in between meals).

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Date:2013-11-29 16:31:17
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