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Escaping from city! UTOPIA Lushan Villa

Price :    RMB 3,500.00
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Hidden mountain at the foot of the "land of idyllic beauty", is located in WuLaofeng Mount, beside the SanDiequan and largest freshwater lake - Poyang Lake to the whole world outsidegarden surrounded by beautiful scenery, Wulaofeng, like a fairyland, Poyang Lake surrounded by a wide expanse of mist-covered waters around, and beautiful three springs with the left and right.

Utopia Villa Interior decoration designed by the famous designer, European and Chinese different two styles to meet customer needs. UTOPIA provides the executive 24-hours butler service.

​Rate: Starting from 3500 RMB
Address: Opposite to East door of Lushan, 20 Huanshan gong Lu, Haihui Town, Jiujiang CIty, Jiangxi Province
江西省九江市庐山区,海会镇环山公路20号 ,庐山东门正对面

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Date:2017-03-03 17:31:43
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