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Free trip to Inner Mongolia in Summer Vacation

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Inner Mongolia Home Stay Program
Location: Baotou, Inner Mongolia
Dates: To be determined, but around 15 July 2014 – 29 July 2014
Trip Highlights:
No cost to the Foreign University Students (FUS)
Set In China will arrange outings for the FUS and the school students to the grasslands and deserts of Inner Mongolia
1 FUS will stay with 1 Chinese family for 1 week.
Purpose of the program:
To provide our FUS with an affordable opportunity to experience a part of Northern China’s diversity
To be a cultural ambassador in an area not often exposed to foreigners
To give them the opportunity of spreading a little international goodwill amongst the country that has hosted them for at least 1 semester.
To provide Middle and High School students with a way to submerse themselves fulltime in an English language environment for a 1-week period
To provide them with an opportunity to learn more about a Western culture
To excite in them a desire to travel and broaden their horizons, thus making the world a smaller, more tolerant and more understanding place
To allow them to learn real-world English skills through a cultural exchange
To reward them with a unique and exciting Summer holiday experience after a year of hard study
Inner Mongolia Home Stay Program
Baotou is Inner Mongolia’s largest city and economic centre. It can be found in the middle of Inner Mongolia, on the north bank of the Yellow River and west of the capital, Hohhot. It became a town in 1809. It became a city in 1923 when a rail link to Beijing was built; establishing Baotou as a major trade hub between Mongolia and the rest of the country.

Batou is 140 kilometers from Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia. It has a population of 2.5 million. Renowned for its pristine scenery and grasslands. Baotou’s main industry is steel. The city also sells electricity generated from wind farm centres to the rest of China.
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Date:2014-05-14 19:44:53
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