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Fundraiser for rescued kitten Ozzie!

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Black kitten Ozzie was rescued on the rainy day of September 2, 2019. Immediately he was taken to Babala Vet Hospital where he was initially diagnosed with a minor cold, and later on with an abscess at one side of his head. He received medical care and was discharged from the hospital 11 days later … however, on September 18 Ozzie had to be hospitalized again because he was lethargic, had high fever and was barely eating. He was checked for Feline Panleukopenia Virus (FPV) and a complete blood test was done. He was negative for FPV, but his blood test showed low white blood cells. Ozzie stayed under observation for 12 days as he was not eating, his fever was high and needed an IV drip to help him not getting worse. Further blood test were done to see his evolution, and an ultrasound was made to check if he had FIP (luckily this was negative). Given that his white blood cells went up and he was generally in better shape, Ozzie was discharged on September 30.
Fundraiser Target: 1,704 RMB
If you have any questions regarding this fundraiser please contact the rescuer at wechat ID: VasquezDelama
To donate directly and anonymously please scan the QR code above and add the note “Ozzie”. Thank you!

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Date:2019-10-09 18:55:22
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