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Gongfu Tea Tray - Ji Chi (Med)

Price :    RMB 500.00
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Bo Gu solid wooden Chinese GongFu Tea Tray.

Includes plastic removable water tray which can be conveniently slid out from the tea tray to dispose of your tea water. This plastic tea tray has the added advantage of including an integrated attachment to allow a water hose to be fitted (not included) thereby allowing waste tea water to flow into a bucket or other vessel. Perfect for the occasional GongFu tea maker or regular aficionado.

Carefully made and finished in a solid wood commonly known in Chinese, 'Chicken wing wood' due to it's distinctive stripe pattern.

This hardwood water tray will bring you years of enjoyment and make an ideal home for your favourite tea wares

Product Details:

Length:   42.5cm

Width:   30cm

Height:   7cm

Description of packaging:   Boxed

Weight: 2300g

Tel: 021-60737573
Skype: wanlingteahouse

Date:2012-08-07 14:40:47
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