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Internship offered at YEJO

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If you're interested in a job full of entrepreneurship, a job related to multi-competency, including  marketing, creative, event/activity execution, this is an exciting junior role worth considering and Welcome to YEJO!

A successful Activity/Event must be constantly monitored and maintained. As the Market Assistant, it would be your role to help make sure everything runs smoothly.

You'd be responsible for assisting in all areas of a market strategy from the development of different elements to their execution. This will include anything from planning market research to organizing and open up the communication, or helping to put on an activity/event.

Everyday will be different as your role will involve many different tasks. One day you may be carrying out research - an important part of the role - or working on creative communication, whilst also drafting execution workflow or dealing with clients or organizing an event/activity.

As a new startup with entrepreneurship as most important spirit within the team, we work as a team. We love nature, culture and spirituality we want to create a brand that simply make a difference in the world to refresh, inspire and empower the world and every life. By everyday individual growth, we collaborate to make the mission our motto and we dare to dream together! If you love to work in an environment that is no formality but strong unity, come join us and let’s make together YEJO dream come true!

Often we would be working independently together and carrying out various tasks to help drive the activities/events along. 


You would work a Full Time or Part Time base depends on your time and our needs. Travel outside the office is also part of being a Market Assistant, visiting clients/suppliers, activities/event organizing, photo shoots and more.

Skills and interests

To be a good Market Assistant, you need to have:

       strong consumer and culture awareness 
       good organizational and planning skills 
       excellent written and verbal communication 
       the ability to work on multiple projects at one time 
       the ability to work under pressure and to deadlines 
       good attention to detail and accuracy 
       strong IT skills 
       good knowledge of marketing techniques 
       self motivation 
       the ability to be a team player
       love nature, culture and spirituality as part of the main element of life


Although there are no specific qualifications, most entrants are expected to be a university student with English communication; other foreign languages would be a plus.

The role is open to all students, but degrees in marketing, business, culture, and computing are more likely to be noticed. To make your application stronger it would be very useful to build up a level of experience in customer service or a commercial business beforehand. 


Market Assistants play an important role in many companies crossing virtually every sector, from government and health to commercial and retail. So your options are open, allowing you to work your way to an industry or company that you are especially interested in.

As you take on more responsibilities and gain experience, you will be able to take your career as a Part time Market Assistant up to our YEJO Partner,which means we make the dream come true together as our lifetime purpose!

Date:2014-05-14 12:07:17
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