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iStage Open Week Event

Price :    Free
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Free to try all the group classes


Open Week is coming! This opportunity only comes once a year. All iStage performing arts classes will be FREE for this one week only! Limited space, first come, first serve!


Date: 27th August 2018 (Monday) –2nd September 2018 (Sunday)

How to book the Open Week class


1. Contact iStage on Wechat: ISA_2016 For class information and space.

2. Fill out the iStage Registration Form online. Please provide the accurate and valid information about your child, your phone number and e-mail address to avoid any disappointment.

3. You will receive a message after your finish the booking. Please save the message and show it to our staff on the trial class day.

Class: All the ongoing group classes at iStage(musical theatre, musical intelligence, little actor, dance, chamber orchestra etc. )


Date:2018-08-01 17:27:17
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