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Lin' An 3 Summits Hiking

Price :    RMB 699.00
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Purification vs Supremacy

Go for a adventurous hike during 2 days in Lin An, and enjoy camping on the top of the peak...

A long hike of ~15km on the ridge of the montain, reaching 3 different summits. Perseverance and stamina will be the key of success. Although, the breathtaking beauties will help us to forget all about efforts... It will be our mind which will lead us all along, dreaming and fancying...

Hiking is a new experience every time, beautiful sceneries always set our mind to harmony, and it makes us enjoying the profound state of peace…
The reward of the efforts, the tranquility of the river, the song of the tree leaves, the beauty of the sunrise...



19:30   Private transfer from Shanghai to Lin-An site

24:30   Arrive site and sleep in the guesthouse


06:30   Get up and get some fresh air in the nice village

07:00   Breakfast

07:30   Set off trekking, target Summit Taizi...

12:00   Lunch on route

14:00   Continue the hike, target Summit BaizhangLing

17:00   Cooking for the first dinner in the wild

18:00   Dinner and resting in the tent…


06:00   Early risers for the sunrise

07:30   Everybody gets up

08:00   Breakfast on the peak and enjoy the breath-taking view

09:30   Hiking to Summit Tonggong and hike down

12:30   Arrive in the village and enjoy a big meal!

14:00   Set off and leave for Shanghai

19:00   Arrive in Shanghai

About destination :
Summit Taizi (1558M), Baizhang (1334m) and Tonggong (1558m) as the 3 summit for the tour. They are located in Lin'An Territory facing the mount Qingliang. The tour starts from the west of Lin'An to the north part of West Zhejiang Valley, Lang Guang to big valley town, totally about 42km hiking.

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Date:2013-11-14 14:59:25
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