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Liu Bao Hei Cha( Dark Tea)

Price :    RMB 68.00
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Harvest: 2008
Product of: Guang Xi, China
Weight: 100g
Contents of: 100% Dark tea
Best before end: 2023

Liu bao tea from GuangXi province is to many an unknown tea, however it has a long history. Rumoured to be the forerunner of Shu PuEr, it shares a number of characteristics, though retaining its own distinct and subtle flavours.

A rich, dark black tea with earthy tones, Liu Bao tea is best served black. As with PuEr, Liu Bao tea will improve with age, over time different nuances will become more evident.

Wan Ling selected the 6918 recipe for it's great flavours and balance. We have expanded our selection of Liu Bao tea to include these smartly packed 100g cardboard 'tins'.

Known by the Chinese as black tea, they are increasingly known outside of China as dark teas in order to avoid confusion. Great value, great taste. 

Date:2013-07-13 14:43:10
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