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naked Hub@Xintiandi

Price :    RMB 1,800.00
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Our innovative and beautiful workspaces are home to a diverse community of companies and individuals who interact, collaborate, and do business with one another.
naked Hub@Xintiandi, located in THE HOUSE, covering 4 floors with an area of 4,449 square meters and 673 desks. naked Hub has separate, independent and open spaces that can accommodate different team sizes. It not only meets the needs of privacy, but also offers an open space for fluid communication and leisurely breaks.
Combining elements of Shanghai's traditional Shikumen architecture with various decor and innovative design, naked’s design team completely reimagines a typical working environment.  Inside, find flourishes such as a QR code store, suspended meditation space, multipurpose fitness area, pool table, wine tasting nook and a chess room…  These unique perks have left no trace of a traditional office space, bringing a creative energy to the forefront of the flagship naked Hub.
Tel: 400 9200 518
Business Hours: 24 hours
Address: 3/F Building 5,123 Xingye Lu

Date:2016-09-30 11:51:16
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