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Office(Excel/Word) VBA Programming - Freelancer

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If you always feel frustrated by repeating, dreary & time-consuming jobs in Excel / Word, such as:

- to transform worksheets of one certain format into another format (monthly, weekly or even daily); or

 - to compare data scattered in different worksheets/workbooks/databases and generate a report accordingly, etc, etc,......

 - to process/exchange data between Excel / Word ...

 All in all, any repeating job ( with some inherent logic either

discernible or barely palpable ) can be automated by a program that is tailored for your specific application or needs.

 I'm specialize in developing customized VBA/Excel/Office programs that can be installed in your MS Office/ Excel. I'm based in Shanghai, China and have had a good track record over the past years.


Contact me at (Mobile) +86 138 1738 9293

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Date:2019-12-11 15:44:15
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