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One Viewing Ticket for Rain Room in Shanghai sold out

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Rain Room is a large-scale environment of perpetually falling water that ceases to pour wherever a person walks.

Conceived by the artists Random International, Rain Room is on view courtesy of Yuz Collection who commissioned a site- specific installation of 150 sq. meters in response to the vast space of the Yuz Museum. In presenting the most ambitious scale of the work to date, the Shanghai exhibition will have over 50% more capacity than the previous exhibitions.

Extended viewing hours and a “view only” queue where visitors can engage with the installation at very close range but without walking directly below the rain, ensures everyone inspired to visit can experience Rain Room in person.

Rain Room responds to the presence and behaviour of its participants, offering visitors a surreal environment and unique relationship with water. Exploring ecological challenges through art, this presentation of Rain Room also offers another perspective to the multi-layered Yuz Collection and the forthcoming programming of spectacular temporary exhibitions at the Yuz Museum.

Viewing Ticket

Exhibition Date:
Sep 1, 2015 - Dec 31, 2015

Yuz Museum, 35 Fenggu Road, Xuihui District, Shanghai

Price: Free (original price: 60 RMB/person)

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Date:2015-10-03 16:54:42
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