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Ozone Water Purifier

Price :    RMB 1,500.00
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Exported to Japan and EU as well as American countries for many years, can secure every bit of what you eat and clean up the environment for your healthy living.
Using no external power, the Ozone Water Purifier with a patented process generates Ozone under the normal water pressure and then mixes Ozone into water. By Ozone’s strong oxidation, the ozone infused water will do a lot of protection like to

l Clean vegetables and fruits from pesticides, fertilizers and chemical residues;
l Remove bacteria and virus from table ware, kitchen ware;
l Prolong life of flower and time of preservation;
l Get rid of halitosis and protect oral health;
l Disinfect feeding bottles as well as toys;
l Eliminate smell of fish and pets;
l Beautify skin.
Since the byproduct of Ozone is just Oxygen, the product will only do you good.

The Ozone Water Purifier is easy to install and easy to use. It comes with Greenwave's One Year Warranty against any factory defects.

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Date:2012-12-18 13:08:54
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