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Pawsome Meal Plan!

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The Pawsome Meal Plans have been calculated according to your dog’s personal daily nutritional needs. They are based on the body weight information you provided above for your adult healthy dog.
Our FULL Meal Plan is designed for you to feed Pawsome fresh meals only. No additional meals (e.g. commercial pet food, home cooked food, etc.) needs to be provided.
Our HALF Meal Plan is designed for you to feed a combination diet of commercial pet food and fresh Pawsome meals. The HALF Meal Plan covers half of your dog’s daily nutritional needs, the rest has to be provided by your chosen commercial pet food.
Customized Meal Plans are available for dogs with health conditions, puppies and cats! If you have an animal that needs nutritional support to overcome sickness or to control a certain health condition, or if you are not sure whether your pet’s condition falls under such case, please contact us! We will be happy to reply your requests within 24-48 hrs.
Many of our clients prefer the convenience of paying 3, 6 or 12 months ahead, so we have prepared 1 free week of fresh Pawsome meals for every 3 months prepaid, 3 free weeks of fresh Pawsome meals for every 6 months prepaid, and 8 free weeks of fresh Pawsome meals for every 12 months prepaid, to express our appreciation.
Please check the Pawsome website for more details:

Date:2017-05-02 13:22:48
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