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Pipeline Water Dispenser

Price :    RMB 3,500.00
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Unlike other water dispensers, the new pipeline water dispensers do not work with the plastic bottles. Instead, they will connect with the drinking water purifiers through a pipe. The purified water will go into them where you could get the water for drinking and cooking continuaouly as long as the purifier is supplying filtered water. As there is no air inside and no potential pollution caused by the plastic bottle, it’s a healthy way by using them for drinking water for families and people in schools, restaurants and many other places.

Until now the pipeline water dispensers have been applied in many families, offices, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals and many other places. It’s easy to make the change if you have already had a filter by just placing one suitable water dispenser. And if you are still using bottled water and switch to some healthy choice, choose a reliable water purifier plus a good pipeline water dispenser, which will not just better meet your needs and also in the long run save your spending.

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Date:2012-12-18 13:40:30
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