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Reindeer Sleigh Ride Bouquet

Price :    RMB 538.00
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Strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe and honeydew in a keepsake sleigh container. The Reindeer sleigh Ride Bouquet® is the perfect gift for the holidays. This Reindeer sleigh Ride Bouquet is used for 2-3 persons.

  Xmas Specials  
Get a lovely Reindeer doll gift with any Dec.24/25 bouquet delivery.
* Make online order 3 days ago
* For single Reindeer Doll, it costs 99 RMB

How to Order
Simply use “Contact Me” option to send us your request, or make a direct phone call to our customer service, hotline: 4000-667-000
Delivery & Payment Option
There are 2 options
- Pick up items at physical stores then make a payment
- Delivered to your door, then cash on delivery for payment
Stores Location
City Beijing
-  B114, Galleria Shopping Center, 5 Shuguang Xili Jia, Chaoyang District
-  B1-21, Chaoyang Joy City, 101 Chaoyang North Road
-  No. 3-S12 Yihai Street
*New store in Shanghai is coming soon at the end of year…

Date:2013-12-13 17:15:45
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