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Replaceable Mask Filters for WeMask

Price :    RMB 18.00
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Replaceable Mask Filters (2 pieces, 1 piece lasts 60 hours)

Layer 1: Non-woven fabrics to provide liquid repellencce resilence, filtration, use as a bacterial barrier and sterility
Layer 2: Meltblown nonwovens to filter solid state elements such as PM2.5, pollen, dust and other chemical agents
Layer 3: Activated carbon to filter gaseous state elements such as SO2, NO2, benzene, methanol, other harmful gas and foul odor
Layer 4: Nonwoven fabrics to provide resilience, stretch, softness, strength.

See images of "How does mask keep you far away from air pollution (PM2.5)"

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Date:2013-12-09 17:35:18
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