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Rescued doggies Maxwell and Reginald available for fostering or adoption / Non-profit

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These two lovely senior dogs were abandoned last week in a public park in Hongkou district (on March 10), and had to suddenly fend for themselves under the rain after spending a lifetime in a home.

They’re now hoping to find a good home that won’t let them down so that they can spend their final years not having to fear any more sad surprises.

If you have a place in your life for them, either as an adoptive or even foster home, please don’t hesitate. They are fun dogs that just want to give love back!

If you are seriously interested in fostering or adopting them please contact Alejandra (rescuer) at:
Thank you!

Note: They will be vaccinated asap!

Please remember that, if you want to adopt an animal, you must be aware of the responsibilities:

1. Keeping pets is a commitment requiring constant attention and care. In return for their devotion, owners are ensured periods of happiness with pets. But if you are not ready for the long term commitment, do not adopt.
2. Animals need love, regular healthy feeding, and periodic visits to the Vet.

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Date:2021-03-15 19:20:00
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