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Save your money - Documents & Parcel Delivery to Europe

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Looking for cheaper express delivery to Europe with a good quality service? Let's help you to save your money. Thanks to GLS (General Logistics System), their service covers 37 European countries & Hong Kong and up to 50% discount on international rates of documents and parcel delivery , now it’s opened to the public and Expatree Club members.

Came with GLS together, Expatree, as a transshipment point in Shanghai, we are responsibe for picking up your documents or parcel at your place, and follow up the customer service.  For GLS delivery areas, pricing and duration, click here.

How it works?
Maximum Parcel Weight and Size
Max weight: 50Kg
Max Length: 200 cm
Max Width: 80 cm
Max Height: 60 cm
Height x2 + Width x2 + Length <= 300 cm

Step 1.
Click "Contact Me" button to send your request, by providing the information including documents or parcel weight, pick-up address, available time schedule and Expatree Club card number (optional). Then we will come to indicated address to pick up the parcel. In alternative way customer can drop off the parcel at Expatree office

Step 2.
When we arrive at your place, customer need fill in International Air Waybill (see sample image ) and then pay for the delivery cost. It accepts cash by RMB currency. Regarding to parcel track and trace, please send us your unique bill number, we will help you to get the latest update then get back to you as soon as possible. We are able to provide Commercial Invoice (see sample image) for your request.

Expatree Club Special Offer:
how to get a FREE expatree club membership card?
In case of Expatree Club members, please show your Expatree Club membership card when we arrive at your place. Members have a privilege of exemption from 18% fuel surcharge.

Date:2014-02-28 17:15:54
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