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Shanghai Souvenir Book - Shanghai Snapshots

Price :    RMB 100.00
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"Fun stories with original intercultural insights. A foreigner's subtle perception of China. A delightful read!"

Shanghai Snapshots is like a mirror that invites you to look back into your memories, from the insignificant to the important, and from the superficial to the intimate. It’s firstly a story of China. It’s mainly a woman’s story. It’s the chronicle of a first expatriation. In short, this book is like a gift and the beginning of an answer to the unsanwerable question : What is China ?

A book to discover...Who knows, some snapshots might surprise you, reminding you of events that you have experienced in this city.

A book to your family, to your friends to tell them in a different way about your life in China. This is a book to share.

Press says about "Shanghai Snapshots"
“Shanghai Snaphots can be use as a guidebook on what to expect of everyday life as an expat in Shanghai from someone who has experienced it all first hand. Sorret capture both the Chinese and Western worlds that collide in this city”. by SHANGHAI DAILY

“This charming and at times attractively acidic self published booklet contains the musings of French expatriate Valentine Sorret, who found her self developing an instant affinity with Shanghai. Most of people would love to get a book like this from a friend”. by THAT’S SHANGHAI

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Date:2012-04-10 13:23:30
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