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ShowerBaby Shower Filter

Price :    RMB 998.00
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ShowerBaby, with its unique design and function materials, removes chlorine, heavy metal and organic materials from your shower water. It also softens your shower water and helps your skin and hair stay healthy, soft, smooth and nice.

It uses a filter set inside the ABS plastic casing to soften the water first by the Tourmaline and magnet cylinder like filter in the handle and then get all chlorine and many particulates removed through the patented material and Maifan stone semi-ball like filter in the head. The water through ShowerBaby will feel much softer and slippery with no smell.

With softened water, more oxygen will be dissolved, which will make sure of enough oxygen supply even in the hot air tight small shower space. Combined with the disinfecting and deodorizing properties of the functional materials, the resulting shower water is clean and fresh!

ShowerBaby is easy to install and comes with 3 adapters to attach to a variety of international standard shower hoses. This product comes with Greenwave’s ONE YEAR warranty against any factory defects.

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Date:2012-12-18 13:33:02
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