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Stepping Stones I Care Project

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The objective of the I Care programme is to improve the vision of disadvantaged children in China in order to increase their chance of educational success, through the free provision of essential eye care equipment and services. 
Around 20% of primary school students need spectacles. In addition, 2-4% of children have a “lazy eye” and 0.5% of them have a squint. These conditions are easily treated through basic exercises and routine surgery, but if neglected, they can severely affect the quality of the children’s life and education, and can lead to major future damage to the children’s vision.
Most urban families in China can afford the cost of spectacles and/or routine operations for their children.  However, these services are not affordable or accessible to most migrant children, due to their disadvantaged economic and social status, lack of medical insurance, lack of knowledge of eye care, poor lighting in schools and homes, poor hygiene and a relatively heavy homework burden.

How do we help? 
1. This is a direct, meaningful and well-researched way to make a real impact on the lives of a marginalised community, and to provide an important service which otherwise will not be provided.
2. The project provides interesting, meaningful one-off volunteering opportunities and good stories and photos for publicity.
3. Goods provided through this project cannot be captured by anyone other than the children. 

Since 2008, with the support of several sponsors, Stepping Stones has partnered with Ai Er Hospital to conduct eye screening in 9 migrant schools in Shanghai, has screened the eyesight of around 8,247 migrant students, provided free spectacles for 1,200 students and free eye surgery to correct a squint for 17 students.
I care provides free eye tests, free treatment, spectacles and/or simple eye operations as required to migrant children in Shanghai who otherwise would not have access to these services.  The project includes an interactive and fun 40 minute class on eyecare which can be delivered by volunteers, to raise awareness of eye care issues among students, parents and teachers.

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