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Stepping Stones Rural Trips

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Come and join Stepping Stones' rural volunteering trips!
We have been taking volunteer groups to teach English in rural Henan Province since 2007, to Jiangsu since Autumn 2013 and to Anhui since Spring 2014. This provides first hand experience to volunteers as well as bringing to life the concept of a Western world and a Western language to the migrant children. 

  • Anhui (Guangde)
  • Anhui (Fuyang)
  • Henan
  • Jiangsu

About our trips:
Since 2006, Stepping Stones has been organising annual rural volunteering tours to rural Henan Province, and has now started to take groups of volunteers to Jiangsu and Anhui Province.  The Henan tours are usually organised during the week from Monday to Friday, while the children are in school, while the tours to Jiangsu and Anhui Provinces are organised over the weekend from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.

Groups generally teach oral English to primary or junior middle school children in rural schools.  Volunteers usually teach three or four 45 minute classes each day, and class sizes vary from 20 – 40 students. An ideal volunteering group size is around 12-18 volunteers.

Stepping Stones will provide comprehensive Orientation & Training sessions for all participants, professional support and advice on lesson planning and the necessary teaching resources. Commitment to helping those disadvantaged, enthusiasm and fluency in English are required. 

Stepping Stones uses a small portion of the revenue from these tours to sustain and support our core programmes in Shanghai.

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