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Stepping Stones Volunteer Opportunity

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Shanghai benefits from a large expatriate and local English-speaking community, many of whom are eager for meaningful volunteering opportunities. Stepping Stones was founded to match this rich resource to a real need in the community. We are committed to promoting responsible, meaningful volunteerism among China’s citizens and expatriates.

Stepping Stones recruits volunteers from all walks of life, offers relevant training and deploys them as appropriate to teach under-privileged children. Classes may be held in the schools where such children are studying (for example, schools specially established for migrants or rural primary schools), in community centers or other facilities.  The classes may be held in regular school time, after school, at the weekend or during the school vacation. Most classes occur on a weekly basis.

In 2013, around 500 volunteers donated 3,724 lesson hours to 6,300 students.  300 volunteers taught English to around 3,500 students in 17 migrant schools and community centres, and  100 volunteers tutored 150 students each semester for 1,715 after-school hours. 42 volunteers participated in three of our rural tours and taught English to 1,500 local students, providing 182 lesson hours of service, and our corporate volunteering events covered 20 schools and community centres and offered 3,990 lesson hours. In addition, volunteers also helped us with such diverse activities as volunteer training, curriculum development, research, accounting, fundraising and photography. This amounts to RMB 1.54 million worth of time based on conservative hourly pay rates.

Stepping Stones and Shanghai’s migrant community are indebted to all of our hundreds of volunteers who make the work we do possible.

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Date:2014-08-15 13:37:39
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