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Sun Salutation - Hiking & Kayaking

Price :    RMB 799.00
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As one of the three most beautiful rivers of China, Fuchun is claimed to be the most beautiful water under the sky...
It is an initiation to regular kayaking level activity. No matter if it is your first time or you are already used to traveling in this special way, it is appropriate for everyone.
The itinerary is fit to appreciate the moments of uniqueness in the local nature.

Day 1
09:00 Departure from Shanghai 
13:30 Arrival the old town and enjoy the local food lunch
14:30 Visit the old town of 2000 years of history 
15:00 Arrival Fuchun river initiation on Kayaking
15:30 Discovery in the kayak, wait for the sunset tranquility
18:30 Local dinner
20:00 Free time and enjoy the night

Day 2
06:00 Waking up early to experience the quietness in the old town, 
and together with the sunrise we go hiking to the mountain
12:30 Enjoy the local lunch together
14:30 Some free time, enjoy being a local
15:00 Returning to Shanghai

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Date:2013-11-29 15:35:10
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