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Take Care - Flower delivered

Price :    RMB 167.00
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A stylish arrangement captures the essence of best wish.
This beautiful arrangement is a combination of carnation and baby's breath tied with a lovely bow.
Also we provide a nice message card for recipients, please leave your message when you make order.

Main Occasions:  
-    Get Well
-    Housewarming
-    Mother’s Day
-    Thank You

-    167 RMB for Expatree Club members
-    198 RMB for non-members
how to become FREE Expatree Club members?

Delivery Cost & Delivery Areas:
-    Free shipping, delivered to all major cities and districts in China

How to order:
Click “Contact me” button in this page, and send us your order message, then you would receive a text confirmation

The message should include,
-  Required delivery date and time (only “date” is allowed in some particular holiday)
-  Sender’s name, contact number
-  Recipient’s name, contact number and delivery address (if sender and recipient are the same person, please make a note)
-  Message content in the card and the name who leave this message (if applicable)
-  Expatree Club card holder's name and its card number (if applicable)

Payment Option:
-  Cash on delivery
-  On “Valentine’s Day”, “Chinese Valentine’s Day” and “Christmas Day”, you have to make a payment firstly via Paypal, our paypal account is

Friendly Reminder:
-  Except holiday duration, it’s possible to make same-day flower delivery. It’s arrived in 2-3 hours after you make a successful order.
-  In case of holiday duration, please try to make your order ahead of 7-10 days. We might not accept new orders due to the overrun on the delivery schedule.

Date:2013-08-28 15:00:08
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