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The 21 Day Vegan Challenge

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The 21 Day Vegan Challenge is for anyone who is willing to promote a supportive community and wants to try a plant-based diet for 21 days, with the help of over 40 participating restaurants across the city. Participants of the 21 Day Vegan Challenge pledge not to eat animal 
products of any kinds for 21 days. Participants will join in activities and workshops throughout the 21 days, and at the end the Challenge there will be a party to celebrate!

The Challenge starts from 25th March to 14th of April

 百欧欢有机蔬果陪伴你快乐享受21天素食挑战,你将享有素食菜篮子和达乐厨房全素周末套餐的优惠福利,Let's Challange it!
BioFarm will help you with the 21 Vegan challenge with the promotion of  vegan vegetable box and weekend lunch set in Dalah Kitchen

▷  活动挑战链接:
▷ Link to the Challenge :
Vegan Box
Biofarm had been obtaining the Organic certification from 2006. Up to 2017, there are 88 items, from sprouts, greens, micro-vegetables to eatable flowers, in BioFarm had received organic certification.
This box is diary-free, egg-free, and typically designed for vegetarians. We are horned to deliver the freshest organic vegetables from farm to your home.
Vegan Box(Large)
【Description : 3.5 Kg】
include a variety of 8-9 vegetables,  2 micro green or sprout.
Vegan Box(Small)
【Description : 1.5 Kg】
include a variety of 5 vegetables, 1 micro green or sprout.

厨坊(Dalah Kitchen 周末素食套餐
周末素食套餐:素香三杯杏鲍菇饭 (素) 
主餐 / 素香三杯杏鲍菇饭 (素)
附餐 / 草莓蔬芽色拉、酥炸手工豆皮 (非转基因大豆) 佐台式泡菜、元园家苹果汁。
The Main Meal / Fried Mushroom Rice (Vegan)
Meal / Strawberry Salad, fried tofu skin (non GMO soybeans) hand with taiwanese kimchi, YuanYuan Home Apple Juice.
* 餐厅套餐需要提前线上报名参与农场活动,于农场现场直接付款享受优惠 *
Please make a reservation in advance.When you come to BIOFarm,please pay on BIOFarm and you will get 10% off.

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