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The Laser Egg,- the stylish air quality meter

Price :    RMB 680.00
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The stylish air quality meter offers homes and small businesses an accurate way to monitor air pollution, and claims to be the best in its price range. The device is battery powered and can easily be picked up with one hand. A simple display on the front shows the current air quality.
The standard PM2.5 measurement (amount of particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers) is set as the default metric, but those interested in other stats can view the mass, size, and number of particles. For data nerds, all the information collected can be placed in a spreadsheet and sent to the user’s email account.

An embedded Lithium ion battery means that you can take the Laser Egg around with you, wherever you go. The battery lasts for approximately 8 hours on a full charge. Or you can leave it at home, plugged in and recording data, 24/7.

Connect your Laser Egg to Wi-Fi to view the air quality in your home or o

Date:2016-08-31 11:18:08
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