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T(r)ip Book for Northern Inner Mongolia

Price :    RMB 78.00
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China Little T(r)ips Northern Inner Mongolia is a genuine day by day travel book that will guide you through a 9 days trip into this remote province of China!

Unlike any other travel book, China Little T(r)ips presents you a road map to follow,day by day, that has never been proposed before! So, no need to book a tour guide, you can go by yourself, discover Northern Inner Mongolia off the beaten tracks!

This trip will take to the crossroad of China, Outer Mongolia and Russia, where the cultural mix is unbelievable! This China Little T(r)ips Book will guide you day by day, from Day 1 in HailaEr to Day 9 in UlanHot!

Rest away for the city buzz, sleeping in the most wonderful meadows of Inner Mongolia, visit the Transmanchourian city of Manzhouli, hike in the AErshan volcanic park, and spend 3 days living the farmer life in a village with a family that will lend you their horses.....The trip of a lifetime, all offered to you thanks to China Little T(r)ips!

And guess what?? No need to speak Chinese to have a unforgettable travel experience, because China Little T(r)ips designed specific removable Chinese Flashcards adapted for each day, according to your needs : wanna book the train n°6346 to Aershan ? Want to sleep in a local family house for the night? Everything is IN THERE!

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Book price : 78RMB
Cash on delivery is available in China, 15 RMB in Shanghai area and it's negotiable out of Shanghai.
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Date:2012-08-15 16:18:25
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