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Upcycled inner tube wallet

Price :    RMB 250.00
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Short Descriptions:

Unisex, sturdy, protective, unique, eco-friendly and ethically made.

Height: 11 cm Length: 22 cm

Four color choices: Red and Orange lines, Red and Blue lines, Orange and Green lines and Blue and Green lines. 

About the products:

This upcycled inner tube wallet is handmade by family who work at home to take care their HIV patients in Cambodia.  They collected, cleaned, cut, sewed the old inner tube "fabric" and turned it into something useful. The compartment design is simple. Six card slots on one side, three big slots for different notes and one zip pocket for change to keep your money safe.

The rubber smell is strong so many bikers or bike lovers love this product. If you are looking for something different and long lasting, this surely is your must-buy wallet in your collections.

Customer reviews:

"This wallet is amazing. I don't need to worry about keeping it clean and dry when I go to the wet market. It's so easy to clean."

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Date:2014-04-26 22:28:44
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