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Violet Country Villa

Price :    RMB 50,000.00
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Exceptional 5 brs 377 sqm Shanghai villa
Bright and sunny living room, spacious layout, elegant decor with modern furniture, fully furnished with fully-equipped kitchen, stylish and comfortable. Please contact our consultant for availability.


Near Huqingping Road, 15 mins west of Hongqiao airport, 40mins to Downtown. Close to Shanghai American School Puxi Campus, French School and 15mins drive to British International School.

Featured Description

Situated in the western suburbs of Shanghai, Violet Country is a high-end neighborhood with convenient and luxurious facilities. The property occupies a total area of 170,000sqm, containing 140 detached villa units (300-500 sqm), each with a large garden and back yard. The villas have diverse architectural styles, including Spanish, Italian and American styles. There is a 3,000 sqm onsite clubhouse available for the residents. A professionally landscaped sprawling garden of large shady trees and blooming seasonal flowers offers residents a peaceful retreat.

Date:2014-09-09 16:18:49
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