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Why was Pawsome founded? A real story of pet food safety ...

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Pawsome founder Franziska Gloeckner launched the company end of 2015 and was soon joined by animal nutritionist Karolina Weiss from Germany, on a mission to create natural and species-specific diets, feeding supplements and treats for dogs and cats.

Feeding pets is not a simple task as pet owners often lack the knowledge about nutritional demands of their beloved pets. Vets usually understand illnesses but have very little knowledge about animal nutrition unless they have specialized in this field. Karolina and Franziska specialize in animal nutrition. 

We have realized that the pet food industry is highly unregulated in China with many low quality products on the market and a serious risk of fake pet foods.

After my dog Kolya was exposed to fake pet food and nearly died, I started to actively raise awareness among the local pet community and switched my dog to a home-made nutritionist developed diet, where I was able to control every ingredient that goes into his bowl. I saw Kolya thrive on fresh and natural food so I decided to take it to the next level and make healthy food available to the local pet owners by founding Pawsome.

At Pawsome we recognize the species-specific nutritional needs of dogs and cats and promote a healthy life style for companion animals through a diverse, carefully selected and balanced diet.

Our team has dedicated itself to the development of feeding supplements and meal plans according to international animal nutrition standards.

We believe that nutrition plays a major role in health maintenance and disease prevention in animals as much as in humans.

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Date:2017-03-27 17:49:15
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