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Yoga detox retreat!

Price :    RMB 1,990.00
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February 1-5

Get cleansed for the upcoming,
At the break of the day,
Purify ourselves with the wisdom to every single corner…

For the five days detox program, with its suitable length,
We are about to enjoy a purification both physically and mentally for a connection to the divine with less blockage.
Living in serenity with its pure spirit as in a temple, 
we live the authentic live for the special time of the year, with less formality but strong awareness on the importance. As our intention for serenity is itself purifying, thus as the process of cultivating the serenity within, we are actually enjoying serenity in its depth.

Practice without mental purpose, it stills the mind and making PRESENT revealed with intensity...

Length : 5 days, 4 nights


Experience and conform to the temple regular life for 5 days
All timing is designed according to temple and spiritual practice.
Day 1
09.00   Departure from gathering point
11:45   Arrival Temple and Lunch
13:30   Introduction
14:30   The art of Breathing
16:00   Connect with Nature
18:00   Dinner
19:30   Chanting and meditation
21:00   Lights off

Day 2 to day 4
05:00  Chanting/Sun Salutation/Kriya 1,2,3
06:30  Breakfast
09:00  Asana/Mudra 1,2,3
11:00  Lunch
13:00  Deep Relaxation Technique DRT
14:30  Art of Breathing 2,3,4 
16:00  Connect to nature, Yoga Games, Nature hike, Painting
18:00  Dinner
19:30  Chanting and meditation, walking meditation, Trataki
21:00  Lights off

Day 5
05:00  Chanting/Sun Salutation/Kriya 4
06:30  Breakfast
09:00  Summary & Sharing
11:00  Lunch
12:00  Return

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Date:2014-01-16 17:24:39
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