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  • 10 Ways Sleep Deprivation Could Impact Your Expat Life

    Post by : expatree

60% of the Chinese nation state that they don’t get enough sleep. And it’s the younger generation who are particularly failing to get enough shut-eye. Survey participants cited career worries and financial concerns as leading causes of their sleep battles. As an expat entrepreneur selling via a marketplace, it’s too easy to stay up working through the night. However, in doing so, you could be putting your health, relationships, and livelihood at risk.

A good night’s sleep
The National Sleep Foundation states that adults require between seven and nine hours of sleep every night. For optimum sleep, you should avoid using gadgets at least an hour before bed as they are linked to poor sleep. One aspect you should consider is the type of bedding you require. A mattress which suits your sleep style, preference, and any medical conditions you have will help you achieve good quality sleep. You should also ensure that you regularly flip your mattress to maximize its lifespan. Comfortable bedding and pillows will also help to aid your sleep pattern too.

Inability to focus
When you’re starting out a business in a new country, focus is key. But, sleep deprivation can impair your ability to focus on information. Should this go on for too long, you’ll find it difficult to kickstart your business and build the relationships that you need. So, to enjoy your expat life to the full, head to bed early.

Breast cancer risk
Multiple studies have found a link between sleep and breast cancer in women. One piece of research revealed that females who chronically lacked sleep were diagnosed with more aggressive forms of breast cancers. Meanwhile, another study found women who work shifts and have a disrupted circadian rhythm were 30% more likely to develop the disease.

Weight gain
One study found that averaging five hours of sleep per night for a week resulted in a weight gain of two pounds. This is due to sleep deprivation changing the way the body’s hormones regulate appetite and hunger. For optimum expat health, it’s best to head to bed early to prevent weight gain and it’s associated conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension, creeping in.

Premature skin aging
Researchers have found that individuals who don’t sleep well experience skin aging early. Fine lines, pigmentation spots, and reduced skin elasticity were the most common signs. Furthermore, lack of sleep makes it more difficult to recover from sun exposure, something which you should be particularly aware of during the Chinese summer.

Relationships with loved ones
By going to bed late, tossing and turning all night, and getting up multiple times during the night, your partner is sure to grow annoyed. As a result of your poor sleep, they too will also experience bad sleep. Over time, this could impact your relationship as he or she becomes more tired and frustrated with the situation.

Mood disorders
In one study, individuals who had just 4.5 hours sleep every night for a week were more stressed, angry and sad than those who managed normal sleep. Should poor quality sleep build up over weeks and months due to you staying up late to post ads online or to talk to your parents back home, you’re more likely to develop a mood disorder. Stress, anxiety, and depression are some of the most common mood disorders found in sleep-deprived individuals.

Heart disease
The likelihood of dying as a result of heart disease doubles when you don’t get enough sleep, especially if you have an underlying health condition. When you fail to get enough sleep, your heart rate is affected. In contrast, while you sleep, your body is in a relaxed state and the risk reduces.

High blood pressure
Minor sleep disturbances have been found to elevate an individual’s blood pressure. High blood pressure can result in a stroke. Therefore, don’t let your entrepreneur startup stop you from getting all the shut-eye you need. Instead, utilize a online community who will connect you with all the right people to get your business off the ground.

Learning something new
Being in a new country and starting up your own business, you’ll have a new culture to learn as well as the ins and outs of an online community. So, you need to be at your mental best at all times. However, when you're tired, your attention will be elsewhere and you’ll fail to take in the things being taught to you. In the long term, this can prevent your business from succeeding.

Chance of an accident
Tiredness is linked to more than 70% of road traffic accidents and deaths. Not only does poor quality sleep affect your long-term health and living but it has the potential to seriously impact someone else’s too. So, it’s best to ensure a good night’s sleep is had before hitting China’s roads.

Moving to China is the ideal way to transform into an entrepreneur. But, in this busy country, be sure to enjoy good quality sleep night after night to reduce the likelihood of a number of long-term implications arising.
Katlyn Hope
for Expatree
Date:2019-01-07 14:38:48
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